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Riley Jensen

Riley Jensen

FIRST TIME TOUR ALERT:....Riley Jensen New York May 21-24.......
The smoking hot Riley Jensen is coming to the big apple in may for the first time! you don't want to miss this heart throb. Even with the most unique tattoos she has that all american look. You may have seen her in may adult films such as twistys, girlfriend films, or other adult film company's. She will stop you dead in your tracks by her lustful look.
Riley Jensen is a model that originally started her career in Austin, Texas and has since relocated to Huntington Beach, CA. Riley became famous primarily as a nude model, particularly for her lesbian porn scenes. Her first shoot was when she was 18 years old with a friend. Riley has won mainstream attention over the years. For example, she placed 13th in Maxim’s magazine “Finest” and has appeared on the cover of Inked Magazine, one of the largest magazines dedicated to tattoos in the world.
When asked to explain herself, she said: “I’m a humble, unique model who has had such an amazing but not always easy journey.” Like most us, Riley Jensen is just another person trying her best in the world. Don't miss your chance to meet this mindful beautiful woman hourly dates accepted but longer dates preferred.
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