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Become acquainted with Kynsley

Become acquainted with Kynsley

"If you limit yourself only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise."
Never settle for less than you feel you deserve.

My name is Kynsley Morgan.

A wanderlust woman who is often found traipsing towards unchartered territory, allowing my natural curiosity to take hold of me. Or you can find me surrounding myself in familiarity, nostalgic memories, and among those I consider friends.

I am a woman of substance and depth, which allows me to forge genuine connections wherever I go.
A woman who has a sincere interest in other people, enjoys intellectual conversations, and making an individual smile. It's the simple treasures that make life so fulfilling.

I strive to make YOU feel truly appreciated while we are together.


Mature, grounded in your knowledge of life, sensitive and caring, allowing your inner child to delight in mischief occasionally.
Willing to respect that safety and discretion is a 2 way street.
I must be able to trust myself with you and you understand that my screening requirements will not be waivered on word alone.
Are the type to enjoy genuine anticipation of two genuine souls coming together, instead of having a scripted list of expectations for me. Expectations are premeditated and for me are not a genuine connection.

I prefer professional gentlemen 35 or older.
I prefer text for my discretion. We can arrange a phone call once screening has been completed.
You must introduce yourself. Impersonal communication will be discarded. I dislike feeling like I am pulling teeth.
Screening is conducted by reservation form on personal website

Hair Color
Eye Color
Body Style

Outbound visits require 3 hour notice Incall requires 24 hour notice with 25% deposit

11:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
11:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
11:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
11:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
12:00:00 PM-10:00:00 PM
12:00:00 PM-10:00:00 PM
Not Available


90 min lets become acquainted
3 star or above hotel in the immediate 757 area
2 hour relax and unwind
3 star or above hotel in the immediate 757


hour meeting
residential or hotel in the immediate 757 area


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History of Escorts Throughout the World

The Ancient Near East was home to numerous holy places, sanctuaries or "places of paradise," which were devoted to different divinities. These sanctuaries and sanctuaries were recorded by the Greek antiquarian Herodotus in The Histories, where consecrated prostitution was a typical practice. Sumerian records tracing all the way back to ca. 2400 BCE are the most punctual recorded notice of prostitution as an occupation. These depict a sanctuary whorehouse worked by Sumerian clerics in the city of Uruk. This kakum or sanctuary was committed to the goddess Ishtar and was the home to three types of escorts. The 1st grade of ladies were just allowed to perform sexual ceremonies in the sanctuary, the subsequent gathering approached the grounds and took into account guests, and the third and most minimal class lived on the sanctuary grounds. The second rate class was additionally allowed to discover clients in the roads.
In the district of Canaan, a critical bit of sanctuary whores were male. This was likewise broadly rehearsed in Sardinia and in a portion of the Phoenician societies, ordinarily out of appreciation for the goddess Ashtart. Probably affected by the Phoenicians, this training was created in different ports of the Mediterranean Sea, like Erice (Sicily), Locri Epizephiri, Croton, Rossano Vaglio and Sicca Veneria. Different theories incorporate Asia Minor, Lydia, Syria and the Etruscans. In later years hallowed prostitution and comparable characterizations for females were known to have existed in Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan. Such practices reached a conclusion when the head Constantine in the 320's AD obliterated the goddess sanctuaries and supplanted the strict practices with Christianity.