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I create a reality which surpasses fantasy for those bold enough to make my acquaintance.When I open the door, your eyes will trace my petite 5'3" form, light olive-toned skin and soft bosom. At this moment, I'll whisper "I've been waiting for you, why don't you come inside?" and greet you with a warm embrace; a moment of bashful hesitation will melt away with the ease of old lovers reunited. Unearth your proclivities and unconventional desires-allow me to be your guide. I am an virtuoso of wish-fufillment. Just a hint of what you desire will provoke me to tease out your carnal raptures. Please see my website for my details and my video! (I feel introductions should be visual) How Do I know you’re real, Ava?? Good question! The internet is a wild place. I want you too look forward to our first meeting with great anticipation and only a hint of tingles, not concern! After you verify, I am happy to take a few moments to facetime (Skype etc) with you or send a few photos by text to put your mind at ease that I am who I portray here and that my photos are a genuine representation of my current physique. Don’t hesitate to ask! Who Am I? I'm a creative, intellectual young woman with a spicy, wild side. I believe the human mind is a sensual playground... I love to explore the sensual arts and meet new lovers. Each time I make a new friend, I form a genuine connection and become more inspired. One of my greatest joys in life is meeting new people, like you! I'm honored to share your time and I genuinely enjoy hearing your stories and finding passions we share. I have been told I am an intuitive and open minded lover. I want you to get to know the real me. Share in some of my memories, then drop me a line so we can make some together!
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