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Back in Fort Myers My name is Taylor. I'm a 26 yo, single white female, entertaining in Fort Myers. I'm 5'2" and weigh about 115 lbs. I'm a blonde with blue eyes and amazing 32 DD breasts. All the photos I've posted are really me and there are some undoctored selfies, so you can see me as I am ! There will be no bait and switch here. I do have some tattoos on my arm which I've either photo-shopped out of the pics or blurred them. Clearly they would be identifiers and I prefer to maintain my anonymity online. We all have friends and family that we prefer not know what we do in our personal time !! Although I've been in this industry for several years, I'm new to this area. I took a couple of years off and on my return, found that the whole online game has changed quite a bit. Our beloved BP is now gone, but the industry still thrives !! If you have access to TER, you can drop me a note and I can give you my old profile info. If you are one of those guys that keeps going to see a different girl each week, looking for a real connection and can't find it...then look no further !! I'm a girl that loves what she does, loves the company of nice gentleman and loves getting to really know her repeat clientele....that's why they become her repeat clientele !! If all girls out there had my attitude about investing the time in each an every guy that comes to see her, well you wouldn't feel the need to jump from girl to girl each week. When you come to see me, please try to slow the pace a little. Don't do the things you normally do and don't expect the things you normally get. Plan to spend a little time with me. I love to sit and chat a little at the beginning of our session. I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me. You cannot build a long term relationship with someone if you do not take the time to layout a good foundation. I'm looking to make long term mutually beneficial relationships...friendships that will last. Yes, it can be done. I know that with some girls, sessions can be very clinical and robotic. You feel it during the session and when its over that there is no connection. Why is that? Well, I can tell you. She most likely has no interest in you and its all about the $$ or she's just so clammed up that she won't let a guy get close to her (a cold-fish, as some guys would say).
Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis
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