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Hi darlings, I’m Coral, your busty, bushy ray of sunshine! I’m so glad you’re here. Take a deep breath & feel that anticipatory tingle. Ready to jump in? Take my hand, let’s go! My gloriously hairy, luscious body is matched by a heart so big it finds the good in everyone. Insatiably curious, I love to skip the small-talk & welcome the true depth of each person I meet. What are you passionate about? My easy laugh & playful nature make it easy to share your innermost daydreams. Born & raised in rural Alaska, my connection to the natural world & all its earthly pleasures runs deep. I love nothing more than luxuriating in the magic of sun on skin & seeing my delight echoed in a companion’s eyes. Come with me to forget the worries of the day & revel in our innate capacity for joyful connection. I’m equally comfortable in hiking boots or thigh-high stockings, with an enthusiasm for exploration of all kinds. As my pierced lip & nipples suggest, I have an appetite for the adventurous & unusual. And why not? To me, each moment is an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, & the wonders all around us. What a powerful antidote to the stress of our hectic everyday life! I can’t wait to feel time slow down with you. xo Coral
Coral Summers
Coral Summers
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