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It all comes down to how someone makes you feel

It all comes down to how someone makes you feel

I am an artist. 

I am a lover.

I and extremely passionate and crave the intense feeling of a memorable encounter which will linger in our minds for a long time afterwards. 

I can be your sanctuary in a loud and busy world, your escape for a while, your investment in yourself.


As a university graduate holding 3 degrees and speaking multiple languages, combined with my model looks, I often turn heads but never raise eyebrows. 


I am 5’6’’, very toned and slim/athletic and all natural with long blonde hair and seductive ocean blue eyes. My eyes are my favorite feature, I have gotten compliments for them ever since I can remember. Unfortunately I cannot show them to you in my Gallery, only in person. 


I am an educated, smart, elegant, ambitious, passionate, athletic and intensely curious woman who is a complete sapiosexual and a lover of smart, successful, kind and generous people. 


I am a down to earth free spirit with a wild side, am ambitious in my life and very discreet as I keep personal things personal. 


I am just as comfortable at a high end restaurant as I am at a laid back comedy club, I love being active outdoors and swimming in the ocean just as much as I enjoy spending time at the spa at a 5 star resort. I like to go out just as much as I enjoy staying in. If you've booked multiple hours with me, we can go out to eat unless you'd prefer to order in. :)


I love being affectionate and create unbelievable experiences that will take our breath away. The intense moments that can happen between two people have always intrigued me and I have a deep love for making someone happy and ecstatic wile also creating a unique bond and friendship at the same time. 


I am, quite simply, at your service. 


I am highly selective and will only devote my energy to a person I feel I could have amazing chemistry with. 


Whether you intend to only meet up once, spend time frequently or even start a special kind of relationship, I am open to all possibilities.


We all need some excitement in our lives.


Hair Color
Eye Color
Body Style

Available upon request.

12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM
12:00:00 AM-12:00:00 AM


2 hours at mine
let's make coffee...or drinks?
3 hours to get acquainted
time to get more comfortable
4 hours to play
what would you like to do?
In date extension.
when you just want some more time....


a quick get together
coffe date! or a margarita?
fun times
can't wait to meet!
quality time
dinner and a movie?
In date extension.
when you just want some more time....


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History of Escorts Throughout the World

The Ancient Near East was home to numerous holy places, sanctuaries or "places of paradise," which were devoted to different divinities. These sanctuaries and sanctuaries were recorded by the Greek antiquarian Herodotus in The Histories, where consecrated prostitution was a typical practice. Sumerian records tracing all the way back to ca. 2400 BCE are the most punctual recorded notice of prostitution as an occupation. These depict a sanctuary whorehouse worked by Sumerian clerics in the city of Uruk. This kakum or sanctuary was committed to the goddess Ishtar and was the home to three types of escorts. The 1st grade of ladies were just allowed to perform sexual ceremonies in the sanctuary, the subsequent gathering approached the grounds and took into account guests, and the third and most minimal class lived on the sanctuary grounds. The second rate class was additionally allowed to discover clients in the roads.
In the district of Canaan, a critical bit of sanctuary whores were male. This was likewise broadly rehearsed in Sardinia and in a portion of the Phoenician societies, ordinarily out of appreciation for the goddess Ashtart. Probably affected by the Phoenicians, this training was created in different ports of the Mediterranean Sea, like Erice (Sicily), Locri Epizephiri, Croton, Rossano Vaglio and Sicca Veneria. Different theories incorporate Asia Minor, Lydia, Syria and the Etruscans. In later years hallowed prostitution and comparable characterizations for females were known to have existed in Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan. Such practices reached a conclusion when the head Constantine in the 320's AD obliterated the goddess sanctuaries and supplanted the strict practices with Christianity.

Aztecs & Incas

Among the Aztecs, the Cihuacalli was the name given to the controlled structures where escorting was allowed by political and strict specialists. Cihuacalli is a Nahuatl word which means House of Women. The Cihuacalli was a shut compound with rooms, all investigating a focal deck. At the focal point of the deck was a sculpture of Tlazolteotl, the goddess of decontamination, steam showers, maternity specialists, foulness and a patroness of philanderers. Strict specialists accepted ladies should fill in as whores, in the event that they wish, just at such premises protected by Tlazolteotl. It was accepted that Tlazolteotl had the ability to actuate sexual action, while purging the soul of such demonstrations.
Inca escorts were isolated from others and lived under the oversight of an administration specialist.


In old Greece, both ladies and men occupied with prostitution. The Greek word for whore is porne, gotten from the action word pernemi. The English word porn, and its results in different dialects, are straightforwardly subordinate of the Greek word pornē. Female whores could be free and some of the time compelling ladies. They were needed to wear unmistakable dresses and needed to cover charges. A few similitudes have been found between the Greek hetaera and the Japanese oiran, complex figures that are maybe in a moderate situation among prostitution and courtisanerie. A few escorts in antiquated Greece, for example, Lais were as acclaimed for their organization as their excellence, and a portion of these ladies charged unprecedented wholes for their administrations.
Solon established the first of Athens' whorehouses in the 6th century BC, and with the income of this business he assembled a sanctuary committed to Aphrodite Pandemos, goddess of sexual joy. Obtaining, notwithstanding, was seriously prohibited. In Cyprus and in Corinth, a sort of strict prostitution was drilled where the sanctuary checked in excess of 1,000 whores, as per Strabo.
Each specific class had its appropriate name, so there were the chamaitypa'i, working outside (rests), the perepatetikes who met their clients while strolling (and afterward worked in their homes), and the gephyrides, who worked close to the scaffolds. In the fifth century, Ateneo educates us that the cost was 1 obole, a 6th of a drachma and what might be compared to a conventional laborer's day pay. The uncommon pictures depict that sex was performed on beds with covers and pads, while triclinia as a rule didn't have these frill.
Male prostitution was additionally regular in Greece. Young adult young men typically rehearsed it, an impression of the pederastic custom of the time. Slave young men worked the male houses of ill-repute in Athens, while free young men who sold their kindnesses gambled losing their political rights as grown-ups.