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Offbeat maiden

Offbeat maiden

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Offbeat maiden, dancing queen—titled by the binding kiss of divine right and professional experience (I danced in gentlemen's clubs for a time, but these days prefer to slink around to balmy playlists at home or in good company), and a noble herald of whimsy: my attempt at the most rudimentary of self-portraits. Sweet and petite, shy but flirtatious, natural nymph, and a head-in-the-clouds romantic at heart, I revel in curious pleasures and simple delights of all form.

In my free time I am often found reading (political theory, a favorite novel, works of poetry), draping myself in beautiful sounds, and studying languages. I adore attending performances at the symphony and the opera, grazing over delicate treats and fresh fruit on a picnic in the park, and am a confessed habitué of experimental film.

I feel inspired not only by the broader cultural arts, but by sharing in the deeply personal art of closeness as well; I love the fluttery feeling of beautiful and budding connections, delicate and always in flux. Blissing out on passion is my idea of perfect heaven.

All are welcome; people of any age (21+), race, ability, gender, and orientation are encouraged to contact me.


xoxo, L






I book at least 24 hours in advance, though pre-booking even further ahead of time is greatly appreciated and will always be given priority! Please contact me via email or (even better) fill out my booking form at lukaking.com/contact. All those who are new to me must participate in my simple screening process outlined below in order to set an appointment.





If this is your first time meeting with me, I require standard identity verification so that we can both feel safe and free to have fun. If you are not comfortable providing this information, please do not contact me!


New friends must please provide:

2 previous provider references (you may do this through PD by sending me a screening request here or by e-mail including provider names and a link to their website or ad)


A selfie with you holding your government-issued photo ID (I just want to put a face to your name! Full name and photo must be visible, but you may block out other info if you wish) and a valid phone number (no Google Voice, etc. numbers please)


Workplace verification (business website, LinkedIn profile, or picture of your work badge, a message from your work e-mail account or phone line, etc.) and a valid phone number (no Google Voice, etc. numbers please)


I assure you that your private information is safe in my hands; I take great care to protect the privacy of my suitors as I would my own.





A 20% deposit is required to book any date! A travel reimbursement may be required for outcalls located outside of my corner of the world, and I am unable to offer residential outcalls to first-time clients. If you need me to arrange incall space, please kindly add +150 to my base rate. My rates are non-negotiable and are for the pleasure of my time and company only; please see my requested considerations below:

  • 1 hour: outcall 600 / incall 750
  • 90 minutes: outcall 800 / incall 950
  • 2 hours: outcall 1,000 / incall 1,150
  • 3 hours: outcall 1,400 / incall 1,550

+350 for every additional hour up to 6 hours

  • Couples: +250/hour
  • Duos: my rate plus the rate of the other provider (matched to whomever's rate is higher)

I am also available for social dates (300/hour), extended dates and overnights, FMTY, and more! Please visit lukaking.com/offerings or contact me for further details.

If you'd like to meet me to see if we click before beginning a more involved affair, I am available for virtual introduction meetings (10-15 minutes with a 50 donation) to chat from a distance.




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Hair Color
Eye Color
Body Style

I book at least 24 hours in advance, though it is best to pre-book when possible! I live a full and busy life so am not always able to accommodate shorter notice requests :-)

9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM
9:00:00 AM-9:00:00 PM




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History of Escorts Throughout the World

The Ancient Near East was home to numerous holy places, sanctuaries or "places of paradise," which were devoted to different divinities. These sanctuaries and sanctuaries were recorded by the Greek antiquarian Herodotus in The Histories, where consecrated prostitution was a typical practice. Sumerian records tracing all the way back to ca. 2400 BCE are the most punctual recorded notice of prostitution as an occupation. These depict a sanctuary whorehouse worked by Sumerian clerics in the city of Uruk. This kakum or sanctuary was committed to the goddess Ishtar and was the home to three types of escorts. The 1st grade of ladies were just allowed to perform sexual ceremonies in the sanctuary, the subsequent gathering approached the grounds and took into account guests, and the third and most minimal class lived on the sanctuary grounds. The second rate class was additionally allowed to discover clients in the roads.
In the district of Canaan, a critical bit of sanctuary whores were male. This was likewise broadly rehearsed in Sardinia and in a portion of the Phoenician societies, ordinarily out of appreciation for the goddess Ashtart. Probably affected by the Phoenicians, this training was created in different ports of the Mediterranean Sea, like Erice (Sicily), Locri Epizephiri, Croton, Rossano Vaglio and Sicca Veneria. Different theories incorporate Asia Minor, Lydia, Syria and the Etruscans. In later years hallowed prostitution and comparable characterizations for females were known to have existed in Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan. Such practices reached a conclusion when the head Constantine in the 320's AD obliterated the goddess sanctuaries and supplanted the strict practices with Christianity.