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Hi! I'm Belle -- you may also know me as "Books and Tits", which is my social media handle on a few different websites. I'm a cutie with a booty (well, more than that, but those are the pictures I have right now). I make an excellent girlfriend for an hour or longer. I'm new to the scene, but I've had a lot of fun so far and I plan on continuing to bring smiles to faces across the country. I travel, I write, I play, and I always need a good boyfriend. Quirky-witty-kind-patient. I'm super sweet, super odd, but always down for a good time. I read a lot, hence the handle, and I love literature and theatre. I also love live music and amateur comedy. I prefer the amateurs to the professionals because goddammit, they're trying, and if that's not worth applause I don't know what is. I'm the kind of person who will make you soup when you're sick. I like when people send me memes just because they thought it would make me laugh -- that's really sweet and I love considerate friends. You might ask if I'm reasonably attractive, to which I answer: Uh, yeah, I'm cute. But here are some stats, just to help you out now, and to give myself some practice writing in the third person: "Belle has long, dark hair. Some days it's curly. Some days it's straight. In any case, it reaches the middle of her back every day and it's always soft and shiny. Her big, brown doe eyes were hyper expressive and always told a better story than the one you were reading in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Her full lips teased a good time. Her curvy yet under 5'2 body screamed 'Fuck teasing -- I'm going to PROMISE you a good time.'" (also I have really small feet and hands -- and that's your fun fact of the day.)


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