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More Ad Exposure

Our system delivers more traffic to your ad and we have the stats to prove it!

Other advertising websites talk a good game, but GFEDating has been around for much longer than most of them. Since 2017, GFEDating has been providing excellent advertising services for escort advertising. For a few years, we rebranded under Prestige Providers, but decided to return to our original brand.
Our system is set up to deliver maximum exposure to your ad, especially if you have a vip ad.
We also provide extensive statistics for your ad, available in your back office and delivered to your inbox weekly. From ad exposure views, to ad clicks to action clicks on your phone, email, website and social links.

More Cost-Effective Advertising

Advertising should not break your wallet!

There are other escort advertising websites out there that charge you and arm and a leg for your ad, and often do not offer a return on investment (ROI) for your ad dollars. We here at GFE Dating truly believe that promoting your service should be easy to maintain and not empty your pocketbook.
We offer basic ads for $75 for a whole month, $125 for a vip ad for a month, and we offer $15/day banner ads on the tops of the city pages if you want to super promote yourself for that city for a day or for a touring purpose.
Simply one booking from your ad make your return on advertising investment. We bring the traffic to you for you to close on. We also own a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company, so we are well-positioned to bring more traffic to you.
We think that you will be very pleased with your relationship with us and our services.

cost-effective escort advertising

Easier to Use Escort Advertising

Keeping It Simple

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to the escort industry, as we also have ownership in some escort agencies, escort forums and personal escort websites. We know that when it comes to creating an ad, getting it published and maintaining it, simplicity is the key to success.
We built our system with you in mind. Ad creation is a well laid out, step-by-step process. We also made it very simple for your to edit parts of your ad with minimal effort. For banner ads, the process is as simple as: 1)Select a city, 2)select a date, 3)select a photo, and 4)pay.
Your ad is well laid out as well for the potential clients to access the information they need as quickly as possible. We set up areas that you can use to lay out your screening processes, refund processes and cancellation processes as well, should you decide to use them. We also provide more social linking that all of our competitors to help clients find you easier.

Safer Advertising

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Over the past few months, hackers have gained access to advertiser accounts with other services. Once they gaina ccess to these accounts through fishing emails, they change the contact information on these accounts to: 1) lock you out and 2) redirect your clients to then with the purpose of collecting fraudulant deposits/
Not only does this scheme steal from your clients, it destroys your reputation.

GFE Dating kept this in mind when we recently re-built our website. Throuah a multi-tiered approach, we have made it impossible for those hackers to get into your account. Every new account required email and phone verification before you can create your first ad, our AI Face-Verification service requires you to verify your identity before your ad can be approved. All data in our database is double encrypted using RSA-256 encryption technologies for your and your clients' protection, so even if our database could ever be hacked (very hignly unlikely), the data is encrypted and unreadable.
Every account has required 2FA verification mandatory, and contact information on the account cannot be changed (phone,email) without the account holder contacting us directly.
We have over 20 years of experience with PCI compliance, next-level encryption and data warehousing. We are on our own servers (off-shore) and only one administrator has access from his IP address.

escort advertising customer support

Relentless Customer Support

We work for you!

We have a reputation of providing fast and efficient customer support. We are VERY proud of this fact.
We have heard horror stories about other companies taking weeks, even months, to get back to you about your ad.
We think that this is horrible and unacceptable.
From 7am to 10pm everyday, there is an actual person sitting at a desk, waiting to answer any questions that you may have. We do not sleep. Outside of those hours, support emails are answered within a few hours, not days. We never forget that we are here to support and help you. We appreciate you and it shows!

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